3D Manufacturing SLM

3D SLM manufacturing is the ideal additive manufacturing technology for complex metal parts that are difficult to machine. This allows to produce intricate parts in a simpler and more cost-effective manner. Additionally, thanks to additive manufacturing, redesigns can be applied to parts to reduce their weight and, consequently, their cost.

Parts resulting from 3D SLM manufacturing are pure metal parts, so once produced, they can be machined and treated (polished, threaded, etc.) to achieve the desired finish and final details.

It offers absolute freedom to design.

It allows geometries that were previously impossible.

There is a significant variety of metals available.

Ideal for high-temperature resistance.

The SLM additive manufacturing technology enables the production of batches of varying quantities, always focusing on highly complex parts that are difficult to machine.

The engineering team at IMES3D will advise you on identifying parts suitable for metal 3D printing and implementing necessary redesigns to achieve the best results.

The SLM additive manufacturing technology has a very limited range of materials, although more materials are being developed for it over time.

Metals for SLM manufacturing

INOX 316L AlSi10Mg Titanium

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