How do we work?

With our reverse engineering service, we replicate the original physical piece to obtain the 3D model. We adapt the design of the piece to be manufactured using additive technology while always preserving its original functionality.

Piezas donde se aplica la ingeniería inversa

Obsolete parts

We digitize and adapt discontinued parts so that they can be manufactured in 3D and on demand.

Muestra de piezas donde aplicamos la ingeniería inversa

Bridge parts

We digitize and 3D print the parts so that they can be used while waiting for the official replacement.

Through this service, IMES3D is capable of digitizing and manufacturing obsolete, discontinued, or long lead-time parts, allowing the machine to continue operating without interruption for the customer.

Benefits of reverse engineering

Without the need for stock.

Digitization of the piece

Manufacturing on demand

Adaptation to existing parts