The 3D printing technology MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) is widely used for assembled plastic parts without the need for post-manufacturing assemblies. This technology is also renowned for the reliability of the materials it works with, as they closely resemble traditional manufacturing. Additionally, the finished products have a closer resemblance to those produced through traditional manufacturing methods.

The parts or assemblies resulting from MJF or SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printing are sintered plastic pieces that can be machined afterward (provided they are 100% dense). They can also undergo treatments such as polishing and dyeing.

It offers a wide design freedom.

Assembly can be reduced.

Good surface finish with the possibility of tinting.

Durable materials and isotropic manufacturing.

The additive manufacturing technology MJF or SLS enables the production of large batches of small parts in a reduced timeframe, as well as assembled parts without the need for final assembly.

The engineering team at IMES3D will advise you on identifying parts suitable for plastic powder fabrication and implementing necessary redesigns to achieve the best results.

The additive manufacturing technology of MJF or SLS has a limited range of materials, although they yield excellent results in manufacturing.

MJF Manufacturing Materials