Integration IMPLANT

The IMPLANT method by IMES3D includes a service of consultancy, engineering, and manufacturing dedicated to integrating 3D printing into all departments of the company.

The program provides a pathway towards full integration of 3D printing. El proceso completo consta de:

Modelado 3d

Design Support

Modelado 3d

Printing technical support

Continuous training

Project Management and Reporting

Design support

Application Development

3D Part Modelling

3D Part Digitization
Optimization for 3D Printing

Validation of 3D Models

Integration of 3D Printing

3D Printing files settings

Creation of Standard 3D Printing Profiles
Setup of the 3D Printing Equipment
Troubleshooting during the Process

Ongoing Training

Training in Selecting Success Cases

Training in Design for 3D Printing

Training for the Use of 3D Printing Equipment
Training in Material selection

Project Management and Reporting

Procedure Reports
Continuous Customer Follow-up