IMES3D company began in 2013 in a garage, making
prototypes with limited funds, a couple of machines, and four spools of material, but
with a lot of enthusiasm. Gradually, they perfected the technique and expanded their knowledge, which allowed them to retain existing clients and acquire new ones.

In 2016, IMES3D started focusing on industrial development, beginning to design, manufacture and assemble the first 3D printed tools for the automotive sector.

In January 2018, IMES3D inaugurated its facilities at Calle Colomeres 33 in Gavà. This marked the creation of the printer farm and the engineering service, All thanks to their success in the automotive sector.

In July 2020, IMES3D became an SL company, and despite being during the COVID pandemic, they gained significant visibility by manufacturing tools to aid hospitals and essential sector companies.

In 2022, IMES3D joined the 3D Factory Incubator as an incubated project. Additionally, they began developing and printing their first metal FDM parts.

In July 2023, IMES3D moved to its current location at Apel·les Mestres 72 in Gavà. These new facilities accompanied a growth in machinery and personnel, allowing them to expand production to meet customer needs.

We have built our experience and continue to grow both as a
team and in knowledge to become the best version of ourselves and provide comprehensive and excellent service to their clients.


At Imes3D, we are a team of engineers and technicians specialized in 3D printing and innovation. With over 10 years of experience in design, manufacturing, optimization, and consultancy services in 3D printing for businesses.

David Mestres


Elizabeth Borrull

Quality Manager

Ivan Rey

Key Account Manager

Marc Garnacho

Chief Technical Manager

Juan Parra

Engineering Director

Técnico en impresión 3D en la empresa IMES3D

Alex Sánchez

3D Technician

Núria Martinez


Martí Segura

Technical Designer

Maria Herrera

3D Technician

Alejandro Alcalde

3D Technician