Tooling Development

How do we work?

At IMES3D, we provide a comprehensive 3D tooling development service, from feasibility analysis to final delivery.

Using a digital model of the part, the engineering team at IMES3D develops the tool according to the client’s requirements. Once validated, the tool is manufactured by combining 3D printing with traditional manufacturing of elements such as bases and standard parts. Finally, the tool is assembled and validated with the physical part.

Needs exposition and feasibility analysis

CAD design on the digital piece

Modelado 3d

Design validation

3D manufacturing

Modelado 3d

Assembly and delivery


Reduction of operations

Ease of use and ergonomics

High quality

Reduced delivery time

IMES3D has extensive experience in tooling development for various applications, with expertise in the development of tooling for tube routing control.

IMES3D primarily develops tooling that falls into the following types:

Desarrollo de Utillaje de comprobación

Control tools

Tooling that enables the control of parts throughout their geometry and specific characteristics.

Desarrollo de utillaje de montaje

Assembly tools

Tooling that facilitates the assembly of a set of parts in a convenient manner for the operator.

desarrollo de utillaje de entorno máquina

Machine environment tools

Tooling that simulates the operation of a machine or a specific part of it.