What does 3D modelling consist of?

3D modelling is carried out through CAD design software using 2D plans or sketches of the part. IMES3D specializes in modelling technical and industrial parts, working with high-level parametric programs.

Once the part is modelled, we make the necessary adaptations to turn it into an optimal piece for 3D printing, ensuring higher quality and always considering the original functionality. These modifications are made while respecting the functionality of the part and its environment in the machine.

Modelado 3d

Creation of three-dimensional models

Modelado 3d

Use of software in CAD design

Modelado 3d

Virtual model validation

Why choose IMES3D?

IMES3D works with top-tier programs such as SolidWorks and Blender, enabling greater adaptation to design needs for technical-industrial projects or organic projects.

Accurate and high-quality models

Speed ​​in making modifications

Digitization of the parts